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Our Services
  1. Curriculum and Instructional Design
  2. Custom Courseware for ILT, CBT WBT, electronic web- based seminars and web-based presentations with voice and animation.
  3. SCORM, AICC Compliance
  4. Simulations and Applets
  5. Assessment and Testing
  6. Visualization and Storyboarding
  7. Graphics and Animations (2D & 3D)
  8. Videos and Podcasts
  9. Courseware migration
  10. Localization
  11. LMS integration
  12. Online Courses
  13. M-Learning
  14. Placement for Instructional Designers and Educators
Instructional Design Training Locations
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» Mumbai
» Chennai
» Kolkata
» Guwahati
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» Jaipur
» Chandigarh
Our Training Courses
Today the world market place has changed with the emergence of e-learning technologies. Today, with e-learning, students can learn from any location globally at their own pace and convenient time.  As a result industry, governments, corporations, and academic institutions have embraced e-learning and because of this there is a tremendous need for qualified e-learning instructional designers and pedagogists. The size of e-learning market in India is expected to grow from the current $27 million or Rs 105 crore to $280 million or Rs 1,092 crore by 2012, according to a report by brokerage firm CLSA Asia Pacific Markets. To grab this opportunity and have a sustainable profession you need training in e-learning instructional design.
The job market for trained instructional designers is booming at the moment. In India alone the current need of trained instructional Designers amounts up to 1, 25,000 while the number of such professionals present are only 5,200. With the rapid economic and industrial growth in India particularly in education and E-learning the need for Trained instructional Designers is more than ever before.
What are the career prospects of Instructional Designers?
EDUWIXâ„¢ mission is to provide flexible education.  This engages learners to develop the requisite knowledge and skills, which empowers them to achieve personal, educational and professional goals.  
This mission is achieved through instructionally sound, pedagogically innovative, project based programs provided in a blended learning environment (interactive and challenging).
Every e-learning company is almost screaming they need IDs! An ID can grow to be a manager and then eventually a consultant. A fact that is echoed by an Instructional Designer, "For a start-up ID they can go far in an organization which has ID as its core offering, like an e-learning or a content development company. However, 10 years in this field and you can start to look at consulting as an option."
Manage your time, maximize your efficiency
An ID at the entry level can earn anything between Rs 10,000-15,000, based on the skill and prior exposure. The experienced designers draw upwards of Rs 30,000, some even earning more than Rs 1 lakh a month.

With this foundation we bring you the very best education in e-learning and instructional designing. 
You will acquire the necessary skills at EDUWIX â„¢ that will be recognized as the best in class in the industry and will assist you working with:

- E-Learning Companies
- Education provider companies
- Multinationals and other corporate
- Universities
- Colleges
- Schools
Who Should Join this Course?
  • Instructional Designers and Content Writers who wish to learn systematic and effective instructional design.
  • Teaching professionals who would like to explore a more remunerative career option that will take their ideas to a much broader audience.
  • Technical Writers who would like to shift to a more rewarding and satisfying career.
  • Project Managers / Project Leaders in the eLearning industry who wish to connect with their clients and development teams more effectively.
  • Graphic Designers with good visualization skills who wish to expand their creative horizons.
  • BPO / Corporate Trainers who wish to formally learn Instructional Design to make their trainings more effective and systematic.
  • BPO executives and Fresh Graduates who enjoy writing & wish to make a career in the fast growing eLearning industry.
  • Individuals who enjoy writing & wish to influence the way learning is imparted.
Pre-requisites for the Course:
  • The candidate taking this course should be a graduate (those who have taken their final year exams can also apply)
Course Objectives:
Upon completing this course the learner should be able to:
  • Design and develop a complete, instructionally sound course for any audience.
  • Confidently attend interviews, client calls, peer discussions, and cross-functional debates.
Course Certificate: Upon completing this workshop/course you will receive Instructional Design & Content Writing Certificate from EDUWIXâ„¢.
Registration:  For registration please contact EDUWIX ™ at
With increasing opportunities in education sector EDUWIX ™ offers Teaching Skills Enhancement Programe (TSEP) for the serving teachers and the aspirants seeking career in teaching and teacher educator. 
This is a three day, program designed to launch teachers on the path of their continuing professional development.
The five modules of TSEP Program are:
  1. Curriculum and Content: Analysis, Planning, Strategies & Design
  2. Instruction and Pedagogy: Strategies and Practices
  3. Classroom Management: Challenges, Strategies and Practices
  4. Measurement, Assessment & Evaluation: Understanding, Planning & Connecting with Instruction
  5. Technology in Classrooms
TSEP helps Teachers to be prepared to handle the challenges of school education in 21st century. Teachers grapple with a great number of variables and their spectrums:
  • The Student; their Learning diversities, learning styles, multiple intelligences, social   foundations.
  • The subject; content, extent, student response. 
  • Myriad of learning designs, frameworks, Instructional strategies & practices.
  • Dynamic environment in which both the teacher and student learn.
Teacher success is key & critical to the success of any real educational reform â ensuring student success.
Receive the best education that will enable you to realize the endless opportunities.